Trying out the Mike Kelley’s architectural photography technique…

This weekend I got the opportunity to go with a few students in Professional Imaging class at BYU -Idaho on a photo excursion. We stop by at the Lift Restaurant in Jackson Hole and I thought it’s perfect for me to try out some tricks I learned from Mike Kelley.

The before shot is the normal shot of the bar and the after shot is the shot that I used Mike Kelley‘s technique on.

Wow! The second shot looks a lot cleaner and more professional looking. Here’s why. In the first shot, there’s a mix of both indoor fluorescent light and ambient light. These lights a very different in their colors and their intensity, creating a mesh of random light and color all over the room. In the second shot, I cut out all of the lights available by changing my camera settings to darken the scene and then I added a speedlight.


Behind the Scene

I took 26 images painting different parts of the part and mask them together in Photoshop to create this final result image.


I’m still learning this trick. To see the master of this architectual technique, check out Mike Kelley’s work here.

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