Using a speedlight is a great way to balance your light!

When you take an image outdoor and try to get the subject correctly exposed, a lot of the time you get overexposed background. To fix that, you can underexpose the background and then add a speedlight to light up your subject. Doing this, you will get the beautiful color from the background and flatter the subject at the same time.

Here’s a few images that I took of Lindsey Lefevre at the Sky Mountain Lodge. I showed this to my photography instructor, Caryn Esplin, and she said that I needed to add more power to my speedlight. When you’re outside, make sure your speedlight is powerful. Otherwise, it won’t be able to overpower the sun. That’s how you balance the light when you take images outdoor on a bright day.


Normally exposed scene!


Underexposed the scene!


Bring in the model!


Add a speedlight (but with stronger power)