Constructing a box.

One of the first thing that I have to consider for my cereal box redesign is what box shape I want to construct. I could just construct the same box shape as the original box but that’s pretty lame and that’s the challenge.

How can I construct the perfect cereal box?

Cheerios Cereal Box: Dark Chocolate Crunch

This guy really need a completely make over, from the label to the box construction (Image from Cheerios)


As I walked by the milk section in Walmart today, I found the perfect box. What if I turn the ordinary cereal box into something that looks like a milk carton box. Then, I can throw in some funny titles like: “It’s not milk. It’s Cheerios”

Logo redesign: Choosing the right font.

Another thing that I’m working on is finding the right font for my redesigned version of Cheerios. I like the original Cheerios logo. However, with the modern, classy look that I’m going for, I will need to find another font. Here’s my top 4 fonts that I chose.

Douglas-Phan-Cheerios-logo-design-fontProject Timeline

Nov 2 – Looking up local printing places for carton boxes

Nov 5 – Construction: Create a layout (SIZE, SHAPE) to make the boc

Nov 7 – Sketching layout – IN PROGRESS

NovĀ  10 – Logo sketching – IN PROGRESS

Nov 13 – Logo Redesign

Nov 15 – Layout in Illustrator

Nov 17 – Refine Product Design

Nov 18 – Refine Product Design

Nov 20 – Product Photography

Nov 21 – Ad Design

Nov 23 – Book Design

Nov 25 – Finalized product, book, and advertisement.

Nov 28 – Video Presentation.