So this week assignment for my Professional Imaging Class is SQIBB. This is an awesome technique that helps you take a studio quality image at any location.

Here’s a tutorial by Glyn Dewis.

And here’re some of the images that I took. One of them is of a product. Root beer is the product that  I chose to do for this project. I used two speed light to lid up the sides of the bottles and use a LED light to add a bit of light on the top of the bottles.


I also did a couple of black backdrop images. In the first image, I used Phlearn’s technique of frequency retouch to retouch her skin. You can check out Phlearn’s frequency retouch tutorial here.

For the last image. I took three images with the light in different spots because I only have one speed light. Then I merge them together using Adobe Photoshop.


And here’s the set up for the shot above:


One more: