I got some great outdoor light painting shots out of my photo excursion with COMM316!


The last image is my first attempt of capturing the Milky Way while doing outdoor light painting. To capture the stars, I needed to boost my ISO up to 6400. One of the photographer who’s with me on the excursion turned on the back lights of the van and that really added the kick to the image.


Light Painting Sky Mountain Lodge (Bracketed)

There are many ways to be creative in photography. One of which is outdoor light painting! A few of the shots were inspired by famous photographers. Dave Black inspired me with the one exposure shot with the Trees of Life. Eric Curry gave me an idea to use bracketing and masking in post-production. Most of the shots below were taken with a 20 or 30-second exposure and at ISO 200. I was going to add stars in the “trees of life” image but my instructor Caryn Esplin advise that it would distract from the main subject.

Original Images:

Douglas-Phan-outdoor-Light-painting-creative-photography-dave-black-caryn-esplin-bracket-1 Douglas-Phan-outdoor-Light-painting-creative-photography-dave-black-caryn-esplin-bracket-1 Douglas-Phan-outdoor-Light-painting-creative-photography-dave-black-caryn-esplin-bracket-1



The Pillars of Fire


The Trees of Light – One exposure Dave Black Style

Flash and Speedlight Combo

Flash and Speedlight Combo


The Milky Way


The Rock Trail – Light Painting