A cool trick to creative lighting in photography.

In my photo excursion with COMM 316 Professional Imaging, taught by Caryn Esplin, I learned an amazing technique to get some creative lighting in photography. It’s called SNOOT! A snoot is something in photography that you can use to limit the light that hits your subject

Dave Black, the master of light, once said “If you want to make something looks interesting, light only a part of it.” With what Dave Black said in mind, I brought my speedlight, a trigger, and a snoot (I used a flashbender as a snoot but there’s a thing called a snoot that you can purchase). I set a small aperture and a low ISO to block out the ambient light. Then, I add the speedlight with the snoot on it to control where in the image is lit. That’s one way to get some really creative lighting in photography.

Here’s some of the images that I got. These were all taken outside in the middle of the day. Because of my camera settings, the daylight was gone, leaving only the light from the speedlight.

Douglas-Phan, creative lighting photography, speedlight-snoot-comm316-excursion-outdoor-1

“If you want to make something look interesting, only light part of it.” – Dave Black


Getting outdoor and remove the ambient light with camera settings to control the light completely


Boom! Creative Lighting!

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