Indoor Table Top Light Painting!

Photography can be done anywhere and anytime. There’s really nothing that can limit creativity when it comes to photography. Therefore, photography never shut down for me. When it’s dark and rain outside, I can be indoor and do table top light painting!

That’s what I did in my photo excursion with my Professional Imaging class, COMM316. All you have to do is put the object on the table, set my camera on a tripod, then turn off the light and start light painting. What’s cool about light painting is that the photographer is the person who controls the light. The quality of the image fully depends on the creativity of the photographers.

My instructor, Caryn Esplin has a great tutorial for Table Top Light Painting that you can find here.

Here are some of the images that I took. Lindsey Lefevre looked through these photos with me and she really like the ones of the old cameras.



Old Cameras


Beach Theme Light Painting


Western Theme Light Painting


Russian Dolls


You can also light paint fruit


Light Painting Old Trinkets