This week, I learn how to create cool cinemagraph in Photoshop.

Cinemagraphs are still photographs in which a minor and repeated movement occurs. You can make one by putting your camera on your tripod to and setting it to video mode. Then, you import the video into Photoshop and save the GIF file. I have Ben Harker, a fellow photographer at the college to pose for me under a tree on campus. Here’s the result:

Douglas Phan's creative and fun cinemagraph of Ben Harker under a tree on campus at brigham young university

I actually bracketed the shot. with three different exposure to get the lighting right with both the foreground and the background. This makes the cinemagraph looks better. Below is the bracketed image that I mask over the video:

Douglas Phan's creative and fun bracketed image to make a cinemagraph with Ben Harker under a tree on campus at brigham young university

ISO 100, f/5.6 – bracketed

While making these cinemagraph, you usually want to make a continuous loop with no sudden change of scene. What I did for mine was playing the frames forward and backward in a continuous loop to make the cinemagraph look natural. Here’s another one that I made:

Douglas Phan's cool and funny cinemagraph of Eric Lybbert at Brigham Young University-Idaho using Photoshop

The subject in cinemagraph above is one of my instructor at Brigham Young University – Idaho, Eric Lybbert. There are some great tutorials on how to make these online. Phlearn has a great cinemagraph tutorial on YouTube

Check out some more examples online at: