I used Photoshop to create a cool artistic watercolor splash portrait.

Photoshop is no different from an artist’s canvas. It’s a combination of the art of painting and the art of photography. There literally no limit to what you can create in Photoshop. This week, I decided to create a watercolor portrait. Here’s the end result:

Douglas Phan's creative watercolor splash portrait on Photoshop canvas

This is created using one of the portraits I took of my roommate using the SQUIBB (studio quality invisible black background) technique that I learned in COMM316. I took this image of my roommate with ISO 200, F.16, and at 1/160 of a second. I used a speedlight with my snoot on to create this image below If you want to my SQUIBB blog out, here’s the link!

Douglas Phan's portrait of Kent Olsen with invisible black background studio quality

Original SQUIBB (Studio Quality Invisible Black Background)

I used a few texture images from CG Textures and Goodpix Gallery:

The original image that I borrowed from Goodpix Gallery is shown below: