Editorial Illustration has become a huge part in the world of print communication.

I decided to create one of my own about one of the heated topics on the news. Recently, the U.S. government tried to convince Apple to create a backdoor for their iOS devices so that the CIA can have access to Apple devices of criminals if the situation is called for. Here’s a link to the article: Apple Takes on the Government With Content

After a process of brainstorming, sketching, and digital illustrating, putting my illustration into a magazine mock-up. This is what I came up with!


Brainstorm & Sketches

As always, I started out with making a word list to brainstorm how to visually tell the story. After I got the word list down. I picked out words from each categories and

Here’s my word list and sketches:


Digital Illustration

After I decided which of my sketches I want to develop further, I put the sketches in Adobe Illustrator and started to bring my ideas to life.


Draft – Before Texture


Final Version – After Texture


Then, I take a look at an Economist magazine for reference and recreate a mockup for my own editorial illustration