Fall Creek, Swan Valley – I will show you the incredible power of HDR on landscape photography.

Have you ever taken an image of a beautiful sunrise or sunset and when you look at the photo afterward, it didn’t look at all like what you see with your eyes? This is when HDR (High Dynamic Range) technique and come in play. HDR in photography means taking various exposure of the scene and blend them together using a photo editing software. There’s a few different ways you can achieve the HDR look, but I’m using a technique called braketing for this particular image of Fall Creek, Swan Valley, Idaho

Take a look a this photo.

Douglas Phan-FallCreek-SwanValey-HDR-1

Isn’t that a beautiful sunrise? Nope. In fact, that looks like the most boring sunrise of all time.

But check this out. If I take 3 images of 3 different exposures, and open them all as layers in Photoshop, I can mask in using layer mask the exposure that I want in the foreground and the in the sky.

Douglas Phan-FallCreek-SwanValey-HDR-2 Douglas Phan-FallCreek-SwanValey-HDR-2 Douglas Phan-FallCreek-SwanValey-HDR-1


Then, if I add a a little adjustment to make the colors pop in Photoshop, this is what I get!

Douglas Phan-FallCreek-SwanValey-HDR-4

Isn’t that amazing! Look at the difference again from the original!