Create a gig poster for a made-up band.

Gig posters are a part of the independent music scene. Created specifically for a specific show, the artist tries to capture the music and atmosphere in a print. Back in the day, a gig poster is the main advertising scheme of musical artists and bands. With the rise of the internet and social media, we rarely see gig posters hanging on the streets any more. However, I think gig posters are just plain cool because there can be so much meaning/interpretation behind a gig poster. It is art.

I think itโ€™s a great project to do so I made up a band and start my creative process to come up with a gig poster.

My made-up band’s gig poster

The band I’m creating a gig poster for is called “The KomiKazi.” This is a alternative rock boy band whose sings about politics and the government. Specifically, their song lyrics usually talk about both corruption and hope presented in a government system.

The Concept

After coming up with a band and the music genre my made-up band sings. I need to come up with a concept for the gig poster that can capture the atmosphere of their concert. I also think that I can take a step further and add a deeper layer of meaning into my gig poster design. Can you guess all the “Easter eggs” in my poster? ๐Ÿ™‚

This is what I came up with after my sketches, digital draft, and refinement process.



I have never really learn how to draw until now and I know that I can learn from one of the Internet’s greatest teacher – YouTube. I looked up many different tutorials about drawing and character construction and came a cross this YouTube channel, Draw with Jazza. You guys should check it out for drawing tips from this awesome Aussie. This sketch is what I came up with after a few hours of drawing tutorial from Jazza


Digital Draft in Adobe Illustrator.

I restricted myself in working in just Adobe Illustrator and see what I can come up with. I also came across some YouTube videos that help me on this process. By watching a speed drawing of an astrochimp, I learned some drawing tricks in Illustrator.

Here’s my process of finalizing the poster in Adobe Illustrator.


Rough Outline Draft



Outline Art



Adding Base Colors



Adding shadows and highlights can really make your artwork pop



Final Poster!