I went to the LIFT at Jackson Hole, Wyoming to do some gourmet food photography.

The LIFT offers one of the best gourmet food service in the little town of Jackson Hole, Wyoming. I was lucky to shoot some of their gourmet dishes and had a luxury diner afterward with a great price as a part of my photo excursion with my Professional Imaging class, COMM 316.

Doing gourmet food photography is fun. We set up our LED lights and a few speedlight around the table and started shooting the restaurant’s gourmet courses once at a time.  I used a couple of LED lights to shoot this images. Since, it was indoor and because it was raining outside we didn’t get a lot of natural light. I have my ISO at 400 and my aperture as low as I can to get a shallow depth of field. My shutter speed was around 1/100-1/125 to reduce camera shake while I was trying to find different angles to take the shots.

My roommates saw these images and they can’t wait to take a visit to the LIFT. Check out this blog by Melody Fury for some more inspiration for more gourmet food photography inspiration

Here are some of the images I took of these beautifully garnished dishes:


Douglas Phan, gourmet food photography, the lift, jackson hole, wyoming, garlic bread

I had Lindsey LeFevre look at the original image and she suggested that I clean up some distracting spots on the plate. I added the blue/purple-ish feel to the plate in the background to complement the bread.

Main Course:

Douglas Phan, gourmet food photography the lift, jackson hole, wyomying, octopus fried, main course

This octopus dish is very delicious. I tilted my camera in an angle to get this shot. I also use a paint brush to masked out some distracting elements in the background.


The LIFT made this very special sauce and it’s perfect for their grill chicken 🙂


The lemon definitely added a bit of a kick to this dish.


This is the back side of the lemon chicken dish above with bacon and cabbage. My mouth was definitely watering while photographing this. Yum!


This steak is the bomb. I wanted to try a different composition with this dish. It didn’t turn out bad at all.


Douglas Phan, gourmet food photography, the lift, jackson hole wyomying desert icecream

There were various delicious dessert dish at the LIFT. I only got photographs of this dish because I was too hungry to continue, especially when surrounded by such good food.

 Environmental shots: