Some of my previous sketches on paper


Digital Sketches

After the social media survey, I learned a lot about how my friends and family perceive me. A lot of comments were about me being asian so I needed to look for a font that speaks Asian, or more specifically, Vietnamese. I found this font that screams Vietnamese and I put it in Adobe Illustrator to sketch digitally. Here’s what I got from it so far.


I also got some of my friends to vote on which of the sketches they like best and I also made digital sketches of those in Illustrator as well. Douglas-Phan-logo-design2 Douglas-Phan-logo-design3

My progress in the project

Aug 19 – Sketch 30 logos
Aug 21 – Get feedback on sketches – Refine and simplify sketches
Sept 22 – Choose colors, fonts, etc
Sept 23 – Vectorize all three logos
Sept 25 – Clean up and revise vector graphics

Sept 28 – All three logos finished for review and refinement
Sept 29 – Present Identity Project