This is a project from my Advanced Visual Media class COMM462 where I create my own personal logos to brand myself. For this project, I needed to create at least 3 logos that reflect my personally.

Social Media Survey

As part of the project, I needed to do a social media survey. I sent out a few messages to my friends and family on text or Facebook and asked them this question:

“When you think of Douglas Phan what words come to mind?”
The responses vary but here are the words that my family and friends chose to describe me:

Funny. Intelligent. Vietnam. Passionate.

Kind. Resourceful. Mature. Friendly.

Strong Testimony. Helpful. Smart. Photography.

Dedicated. Committed. Chill. Talented.

Proactive. Motivated.

Dedicated. Authentic/Genuine.


Good. Honest. Humble. Chill.

Asian. Play. Photography. Lab. Communist. Pretty.



It’s interesting to see how people perceive me. Different people used different words to describe me and there were rarely any overlap words.


I’ve been looking up on Pinterest for logo design ideas and I found a lot of great ones. Here’s an example of one of my favorite pin from


This is only a sketch but I really like it because of how simple and elegant the design is. As I was looking into this sketch, I visioned how something like this could be a great watermark on my images as well as any of my design work. Clean and simple seems to be the “trend” right now after all.

Here’s a link to my pin board if you want to check it out! Most of these logo designs are very clean, simple and elegant and I think I want to apply this concept to brand myself.

My “audience”

Before sketching, I have to ask myself who I am branding myself to. I’m branding myself as a professional to professionals. My audience can be anyone who’s looking for a photographer that can make great pictures. I aim to attract businesses that need my skills, either photography, graphic design, photo editing, wed design, or all of the above.


Aug 19 – Sketch 30 logos
AugĀ 21 – Get feedback on sketches – Refine and simplify sketches
Sept 22 – Choose colors, fonts, etc
Sept 23 – Vectorize all three logos
Sept 25 – Clean up and revise vector graphics

Sept 28 – All three logos finished for review and refinement
Sept 29 – Present Identity Project