Douglas Phan Photography and Design.


Going further into a professional photography and design business, I need to create myself a new branding that really scream “ME.” I’ve asked my friends and family about how they think of me so that I can put those elements into my branding. Most people when they think of me they think of words like “Asian” “Smart” “Enthusiastic” “Active” “Chill.” Below is the process of how I’m implement those words in my design.



I made tons and tons of different sketches before I work digitally. It’s really hard to turn words into graphics and shapes and I have tons and tons of ideas. Lots of the ideas have potential, lots of them don’t. I drew an ugly owl at one point and I thought it was the ugliest thing I have drawn. Sketches are definitely trials and errors.

Digital Sketches

It’s really hard to narrow down to 3-4 sketches out of 33 sketches so I decided to go out and gather some opinions. After gathering opinions from my designer friends, I ended up putting four out of 33 paper sketches to Adobe Illustrator to work with my sketches digitally. Here are what I’ve come up with.




After many hours of working with Adobe Illustrator. I ended up with these four logos.

Logo number 1


I think this logo is simple, clean, and organized. My initials, “DP,” is tightly compacted in a rounded square. I chose the rounded edges to show that I’m breaking outside the common and the average. I want to show that I’m full of new and fresh ideas


Logo number 2


This logo is dedicated to the word “Asian” that most people think of when they think about me. My initial, “dp,” is in a calligraphy font that the Vietnamese use back in the day.



Logo number 3


My elements are fire and earth and I want to imply that essence into this logo. I made my initials into a curl to represent “Fire” and I chose a color that’s on the brown-red side to represent “Earth.”


Logo number 4


This logo represent strength, diligence, and intelligence because hexagon is know to be the strongest structure in nature, the beehive. The bees are also smart and diligent and I want that to represent me.


Final Decision.

Out of the four logos that I have just created. I decided to go with the last one. Not only does it represent what I want to show my future clients, but it can also be a great waterwark anywhere. I can easily put that logo on anything I want. It’s unique and it’s easy to see from the distance.