This week, I’ve been working hard in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop to get the layout, the data and the icon done.

The inspired layout

infographic inspirationThis is the type layout that I want to use for my infographic. As you can see right off the bat, I need an image that’s decently simple and not distracting to use for a background.

The background


I found this image online at and I thought with a little tweeking this image can work. I wish I could have taken this picture myself but too bad, I’m on the other side of the world.

The image is of Halong Bay, one of the most well-known attraction in Vietnam. I thought to myself that if I could expand the height of the sky by blending the existing sky with a gradient in Photoshop, it would be the perfect background for my infographic.


Woala! Photoshop is just great!

The infographic – 10 hours later…

Well, most of it….


Except for the maps that I traced for Google Map, all graphics was drawn by me. I sketched a couple of them on a piece of paper and vectorized.

Updated Timeline

Oct 6 – Research topic

Oct 8 – Refine content

Oct 10 – Sketch Layout

Oct 12 – Choose color scheme

Oct 14 – Put sketches in Adobe Illustrator

Oct 20 – Refine Vector Graphics

Oct 26 – Refine Infographics

Oct 28 – Present Infographics