Here are some facts about Vietnam on an infographic:



What’s a good infographic?

An infographic is a visual presentation of information. By that definition, an infographic needs to have a good number of graphic to support the information presented.

Visual-Caryn Esplin

Source: Caryn Esplin

A well-designed infographic can be a lot more powerful than a page of text. Here’s some guideline for a good infographic:


  • Effective Layout
  • Good color scheme
  • Consistent Design
  • Attractive non-white background
  • Good use of typography


My Process

I was born and raised in Vietnam and I love where I’m from. It’s probably the reason why I chose to made this infographic. However, I realized that there’s a lot that go into designing an infographic; I have to come up with a layout; I have to sketched each icon/graphic individually and refine them; I need to make sure the graphics are unified; I need to get the information organized; etc.



I found lots of inspiration on Pinterest. Check out my board here!




Finding a background

I would love to take an image of Vietnam myself and use it for my infographic. However, because I was living in the United States at the moment, I needed to borrow an image online. The image (below) that I found is almost perfect!

The only problem is that an infographic has to be tall and skinny so I had to make some modification using Adobe Photoshop. Here’s the final background image for my infographic:


Adding information and graphics

This part was a little trickier because I had not mastered Adobe Illustrator as much as some other Adobe programs yet. However, after a few hours of Adobe Illustrator video tutorial from Cory Kerr, I got a lot more comfortable working with the program. As the result, my infographic was refined and finalized and I couldn’t be happier 🙂

Sharing my infographic

An infographic is made to be shared. Here’s a link to my infographic on Pinterest!


You can find a list of sources that I used to create this infographic including the image that I borrowed and the information that I used here: