Initial Plan.

Infographics are becoming more and more common in social media marketing so I decided to make one. I have a few ideas in mind about what topic to choose to make an infographic about. I’m currently thinking about making a travel guide to Vietnam. The travel guide will include the places to visit while you’re in Vietnam from North to South. I could also include the traditional cuisine of each area. I can open up my infographics with:

  • Road trip in Vietnam
  • Backpaking in Vietnam
  • Vietnam: Go. Eat. See.


Here’s my goal of making this infographic!

Oct 6 – Research topic

Oct 8 – Refine content (text)

Oct 10 – Sketch Layout

Oct 12 – Choose color scheme

Oct 14 – Put sketches in Adobe Illustrator

Oct 20 – Refine Vector Graphics

Oct 26 – Refine Infographics

Oct 28 – Present Infographics


In my initial research, I look through Pinterest to find examples of things that other people had done that I could use for my inspiration.  To check out my board go here: Douglas Phan Infographics Pinterest Board

Here are a couple of my favorite ones on my Pinterest Board:

DouglasPhan-pinteres-infographics DouglasPhan-pinterest-infographics