Go out and about to shoot some beautiful and stunning landscape at the Grand Teton National Park.

On my photo excursion with COMM 316, we went to the Grand Teton National Park to take some beautiful landscape photos. On the first day, we storm was coming down on us so we stopped and photograph that breathtaking storm as it go through. The first two images was taken around a haunted abandon house that we passed by. I bracketed both of these images and added some basic adjustments to them to get a more dramatic effect. One of our drivers drove this cool Red Ford to haul our gears and I thought that’s perfect for an epic Ford Commercial Shot.



Red Ford with Dramatic Storm


The storm coming in this abandon building is stunning!

The day after, we woke up early in the morning and drove to Shwabacher Landing to get some sunrise shots of the Grand Teton with the reflection in the water. The clod swoop across the sky and brought the early sunbeam to cast over the Teton. It was the most breathtaking and stunning landscape I have ever seen.


Beautiful Sunrise at the Grand Teton

Check out the most epic panorama image ever with the magical transition of the sunrise. The panoramic shot enable the image to catch both the cool light and the warm light from the sunrise across the Teton.

Douglas Phan's photo of teton mountain in the morning at sunrise for landscape photography at teton national park that looks beautiful and stunning. This is a panorama

A stunning panoramic photo of the Teton

Below are some few other place that we went to in the excursion. I used a ND filter to trick my camera into thinking that it’s dark. That’s why I;m able to capture the soft smooth motion of the water stream.


Water Stream at Grand Teton National Park

Check out this stunning image of the Mormon Row Barn in the Teton National Park. For this image, I was trying to get a creative and unique shot of the barn. Usually, people would try to get the Teton in the background but I say sun flares are pretty amazing too 🙂


Beautiful Morning by the Mormon Row Barn

This beautiful image of a coyote was photographed near the Mormon Row Barn site he walked right by us. This guy is a stunning creature! Wildlife photography is the bomb!


A Stunning-looking Coyote

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