The Life After Sunset of Grand Teton National Park.

This past week, I got to go to Grand Teton National Park with Royce Bair, the master of night photography, to photograph at night. We arrived at the park right at sunset so we got some great shots of the sunset at the Mormon Row Barn.

Douglas Phan's night photography after sunset, at blue hour, at Grand Teton National Park. This is a stormy scene right at the park

Right before blue hour

Here is another shot that I got at the same spot that I shot right behind me to get the Mormon Row Barn in the frame but in the day time. A completely different feel isn’t it?


Beautiful Morning by the Mormon Row Barn

Royce Bair, one of the master of starry night photography, was with me on this excursion. He’s an expert at photographing the Milky Way. I was really excited to adventure deeper into the night with this guy. Even though the sky was very cloudy and the Milky Way was not as visible as we hope for. We still have such a great time. I got some of the images below right when the sky was starting to open up. However, this didn’t last very long. These shots were taken right after the blue hour. Caryn Esplin, a master of light painting photography, was also on the trip with me. She said this: “Stunning Milky Way + Foreground Light Painting = MAGIC!”