My process of making LDS temple icons…

This week, my project is to create a set of 12 themed icons. I spent a couple of day of looking up inspiration of what theme I want to do for this particular project. I wanted to create icons that will push my creativity and present me will various challenges, forcing me to be familiar with many of the basic tools in Adobe Illustrator. I wanted to do something that hasn’t been done before. I ended up with the idea of making temple icons.

Sketches & seeing everything in simple shapes.

I started with some sketches to get my mind going on ideas. Just a pencil and a sketch book.



Sketches – bring ‘em in Adobe Illustrator.

It’s definitely a challenge to see things in simple shapes. Everything can be made up of simple shapes. Yes! Everything! To create an icon, I have to be able to see those shapes, simplify them and put them into digital sketches. My first sketch is of the Provo City Center Temple. I think that it’s unique design will present me some good challenges.

Here’s a few of my first digital sketches.


I want to take this project to the next level and add a more details to my icon to give the temple more dimension. They’re all just shapes with different shades of color


Refining process.

My Vector Graphics’ instructor, Cory Kerr gave me some feedback on these sketches about adding a thick outline to the overall icon. I did what he asked and then I continued making Rexburg Idaho temple and Manila Philippines temple with the same concept.


Each of the temples above presents me with very different since they all are very different from each other. For Logan Temple and Salt Lake City temple, I wanted to pay closer attention to the details.Below is the outlines of my Salt Lake City Temple Icon


Then, my instructor gave me an idea of zooming in to my full temple and create cool cropping icons of the details. So I did! Here’s are a few of my icons, zoomed in.

DouglasPhan-temple-lds-flaticons-67DouglasPhan-temple-lds-flat-icons-57DouglasPhan-temple-lds-flaticons-60 DouglasPhan-temple-lds-flaticons-6 DouglasPhan-temple-lds-flaticons-

Check out my pinterest pin of my illustration work here!