Going outdoor, look around in your 10-feet radius and do some awesome macro/close up photography of plants and insects.

On COMM 316’s photo excursion to Sky Mountain Lodge in Victor Idaho, I had some experience with exploring the miniature world of macro/close-up photography. The images below were taken outdoor of the flora and fauna (plants and insects) especially after rain. I haven’t been able to get any fauna among these images while I was exploring the outside area of Sky Mountain Lodge.

I used macro tubes and macro filters to take these shots. I added auxiliary light in some of these images to create the “spotlight” effect.In order to get a significant area in focus in macro photography, you will need a small aperture (from F.16-F.22). All of these photos were taken within a 10 feet radius. It’s insane how macro and close up photography takes us to a completely different world. Any subject will look different when you look at it close up.

Check out this blog by Webneel for some more inspiration for outdoor macro/close up photography!


Flower Snoot


Little Plant coming out of a rock


Water Drops on the Pines


Pine buds


Pine Cones