Getting macro/close up photos of still life is amazing!

In the past weekend, when I was on my photo excursion trip with COMM 316 Professional Imaging, I had some experience with still life macro/close up photography. Often times, in macro photography, people capture images of insects and plants. However, capturing images of still life subjects was also and interesting way to really see closer into the texture of ordinary objects.

In order to get a significant area in focus in macro photography, you will need a small aperture (from F.16-F.22). If you shoot indoor, you definitely need auxilary light such as a speedlight or and LED light to add light, especially if you use a macro tube like I did in most of these images.

Smashing Wall  has some great examples of still life macro photography that you should definitely check out in this blog. It’s really incredible to see into the miniature world of still life macro photography. Sometimes you don’t realize what you’ve missed in the most ordinary objects. So take a closer look into the close up world of still life photography below!


The Texture of Bread


Macro Beach?


The Texture of Bread


The Blue Pearl


Vintage Pearl