Love taking close up/macro shots of the water drop on fruit, flower, and vegetable.

In my photo excursion with COMM316, I did some macro/close up photography with water drops on fruits, flowers and vegetables.Fruit, flower, and vegetable in close up is already interesting enough, adding water drop to them was a whole new world of photography. The water drops can be another lens in your images, create a whole separate technique of photography. Spraying fruit with water mist can create some great sparkle effect on fruit and vegetable.

In order to get a significant area in focus in macro photography, you will need a small aperture (from F.16-F.22). If you shoot indoor, you definitely need auxilary light such as a speedlight or and LED light to add light, especially if you use a macro tube like I did in most of these images. In the last image of this blog post, I use a spray bottle in the strawberries in the background to create water drop and light it up using an LED light to get the bokeh sparkles.

For one of my images, I attempted to try out the focus stacking technique, which allow macro photographer to extend the focus range in taking macro images by blending many images together using photoshop. In photoshop, with just one click, you can focus stack images together to create an image with a great range of focus. Lemondeminuscule has a great examples on their blog post on the focus stacking technique. This focus stacking technique can really break the limitation of macro photography.

Douglas-Phan-still-life-photography-macro-close-up-water-drop-flower-3 Douglas-Phan-still-life-photography-macro-close-up-water-drop-flower-7 Douglas-Phan-still-life-photography-macro-close-up-water-drop-flower-8 Douglas-Phan-still-life-photography-macro-close-up-water-drop-flower-10 Douglas-Phan-still-life-photography-macro-close-up-water-drop-fruit-15