Men in Black: My Roomates

This week’s assignment in COMM316 was about making a movie poster so I decided to picked one of┬ámy favorite┬ásci-fi movie, Men in Black to be my “inspiration.” I thought I would make an “MIB4 (men in black)” poster since the series ended with MIB3. I live with three other roommates so I thought it would be a great idea if we all appear on this poster and it can be something that bonds us more. It took me quite a few hours to make this happen.

First, I analysed the lighting on the real poster below. They seems to use three lights: one in the front and two behind on the sides. So, I went in the production office and check a couple of speedlights and light stands out. Then, I went home and test some different lighting angles and take some test shots. Then, I took images from my roommates one by one and then a couple of myself. Once I’m satisfied, I put them in photoshop, design the famous twirling-twisting MIB background and then add some design to make it look like a movie poster. I also had my COMM316 classmates: Ben Parker, Lindsey Lefevre, and Abby Cicotte to critique it before I made the final print.

This is how it turned out:


Below are my original photos:

Douglas-Phan-photography-butterfly-lighting-men-in-black-mib-danny-davisDouglas-Phan-photography-butterfly-lighting-men-in-black-mib-kent-olsen Douglas-Phan-photography-butterfly-lighting-men-in-black-mib-tien-dung-vietnam-hanoi






This is the background texture






And here’s the original Men In Black movie: