Hi, I’m Douglas Phan. For the past three months, I have been working hard on building up my photography portfolio and I have discovered a great passion for many different types of photography. I love each and every different types of photography in very different ways. This is my personal style series.

Portraiture is one of my favorite styles of photography because every person has his or her own unique features, which is why the possibilities of creating portraits are endless. Portraiture can be one of the most powerful types of photography out there. From lifestyle portraiture to event portrait, to commercial portraiture, I love them all.  I love capturing the most natural moments of people and their lives but I also love seeing the best angle of people through the camera lens in the professional portraiture. I had a great personal connection to every single one of my portrait photo shoots and that’s why I love it so much.

Douglas Phan's other one senior/graduate portrait of Cira Fear, graduate from BYU-Idaho. Photo is taken in a nature park, Rexburg, Idaho (Eastern Idaho area). In the picture, the girl is blowing bubbles.




Douglas Phan's professional self portrait with advanded/creative lighting: white, blue and red personal style series

I also love to look for beauty in nature. I love utilizing both my camera equipment and digital editing software to express fully the beauty of nature that people don’t normally see. I like to find different angles and different perspective to see true beauty in scenery or objects that more and often people would miss. I love wildlife, nature or something just as small and little as food and product that people use daily.

Douglas-Phan-landscape-photography-commercial-art-cool-car-red-ford-dramatic-cloud-beautiful-stunning-1 personal style series

Douglas Phan's image of the coyote hung in the Spori Building at Brigham Young University - Idaho. personal style series

Douglas-Phan-landscape-photogrhoss-fine-art-mormon-row-barn-sun-flare-wide-angle-1 personal style series