Today I walked in Walmart and I saw many different brands of cereal. All of them have really crazy looking designs and all of them try to be as crazy and as colorful as possible. That’s not a good idea. In the world of colorful cereal boxes, the non-colorful ones will stand out.

Picking A Brand

Redesigning a cereal box would be fun, I thought. Cheerios is one of my favorite brands of cereal so I think I will pick one of their cereal boxes to redesign. Also, Cheerios has a good history since 1941. According to Wikipedia, Cheerios is an American brand of breakfast cereal manufactured by General Mills. In some countries, including the United Kingdom, Cheerios is marketed by Cereal Partners under the Nestlé brand. In Australia and New Zealand, Cheerios is sold as an Uncle Tobys product.

Any of the Cheerios cereal boxes would be fun to redesign, but the Crunchy Dark Chocolate will be my pick because “Chocolate” definitely screams “Classy.”

Cereal Box Cheerios Dark Chocolate Crunch

The product package image from Amazon.com

Target Audience

Before redesigning any product, it’s important to keep in mind which group audience will be buying the product. My redesign of the cereal box will target parents who live in a classy/modern home. Most of the cereal boxes I see don’t really scream “Classy” or “Modern,” so I think it would be a great idea to have one that does.

Sales will increase!

Since I’m targeting a high-end group of customers, making this cereal box look as high-end as possible is my prime goal. With this design, especially when targeting the higher-end group, Cheerios can bump up the price of their cereal and start going internationally. Cheerios has built a really good name in America, going internationally wouldn’t be difficult.


I have also been looking on Pinterest for inspiration. I have so many ideas how I can redesign the Cheerios Dark Chocolate Crunch cereal box. Clean, simple, and modern is what I kept in mind as I went through Pinterest.

Check out my Pinterest board right here!


Nov 2 – Looking up local printing places for carton boxes

Nov 5 – Construction: Create a layout (SIZE, SHAPE) to make the boc

Nov 7 – Sketching layout

Nov  10 – Logo sketching

Nov 13 – Logo Redesign

Nov 15 – Layout in Illustrator

Nov 17 – Refine Product Design

Nov 18 – Refine Product Design

Nov 20 – Product Photography

Nov 21 – Ad Design

Nov 23 – Book Design

Nov 25 – Finalized product, book, and advertisement.

Nov 28 – Video Presentation.