Shooting at Natalie and Braylen’s reception at Red Brick Church, Rigby Idaho was fun, yet challenging.

Natalie and Braylen’s reception was held at the Red Brick Church in Rigby, Idaho.  At events like these, I always try to come a few minutes ahead of time to “scout” the location as well as shooting some fine art shots of the scene. As I arrived, I wasn’t the most excited about the location. The indoor lighting was certainly not ideal and there wasn’t much to work with in the location itself. Regardless of the circumstances, I walked around to look for any possible scene for the portraits. I found three scenes that I know I can work with: outdoor by a big tree, in one of the meeting rooms, and by the cake in the main room. Later, when I took the couple out for a portrait session, I wasn’t disappointed in my choice of scene. The weather is a bit chilly although the sun was out. I had to do a few quick shots outside but I got some great shots of the shoot overall. Here are some of my favorites 🙂

Douglas-Phan-idaho-rigby-reception-12 Douglas-Phan-idaho-rigby-reception-23 Douglas-Phan-idaho-rigby-reception-84 Douglas-Phan-idaho-rigby-reception-110 Douglas-Phan-idaho-rigby-reception-129-Edit Douglas-Phan-idaho-rigby-reception-139-Edit Douglas-Phan-idaho-rigby-reception-19-Edit Douglas-Phan-idaho-rigby-reception-17033 Douglas-Phan-idaho-rigby-reception-17047 Douglas-Phan-idaho-rigby-reception-170 Douglas-Phan-idaho-rigby-reception-170