As a part of the COMM316 photo excursion in Victor, Idaho, we did a senior portrait photo shoot of our own classmates.

On the last day of the COMM 316 epic photo excursion, the whole class set out to take senior portraits of each other. The class was divided in half, the first half modeled when the second half took photos. After an hour, the two halves switch their roles. This was when my skill of portrait photography really clicked. The ability to pose people came clear to me and I had a wonderful photo shoot session. Below are some of the images of the guys in my COMM 316 Professional Imaging class at BYU-Idaho.


Ben Harker‘s senior portrait:

Douglas Phan's graduate or senior portrait of Ben Harker in eastern idaho at the comm 316 excursion in Victor.This is Ben Harker. He brought his tuxedo to have his senior photo taken in the excursion. For the photo above, my aperture was a f/2.8, my shutter speed was at 1/125 of a second and my ISO was at 200. Then, I added light from two Einstein strobe lights from two sides: one as a main light and one as a fill light.

Douglas Phan's senior portrait of Ben Harker as a dancer in eastern idaho at the comm 316 excursion in Victor.Ben took ballroom dancing in high school so I thought taking this image is appropriate. I want my senior portraits to reflect parts of my model’s personality. Senior portraiture is supposed to show others what the graduate is about.


Daniel Flores‘s senior portrait:

Douglas Phan's senior portrait of Daniel Flores in eastern idaho at the comm 316 excursion in Victor. He is a very fashionable dude with a jean shirt and his leaning to the barn door pose.

Since there is not a lot of guys in the class. Daniel Flores was the only other guy that I photograph during the senior portrait session. Daniel is a very fashionable guy. To balance the exposure with the outside, I had to underexpose the image and add light from the continuous light. Otherwise, this portrait would be blown out.


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