I’ve been working on a skeuomorphic design of Rogers Dubuis pocket watch in Adobe Illustrator.

As I get familiar with Adobe Illustrator, I want to try to create a skeuomorphic design. As defined by WhatIs.com, Skeuomorphism is the design concept of making items represented resemble their real-world counterparts.

Roger Dubuis is a Swiss luxury watch brand with the coolest watch design ever. I thought I can redesign one of their watches by drawing it in Adobe Illustrator. I notice that Roger Dubuis never photograph their products. All of which are vector illustrations. Here’s my design created by using Adobe Illustrator.DouglasPhan-skeuomorphic-pocket-watch-roger-dubuis-66


I started out with a few sketches of different watch design on paper. Here’s some of the sketches that I came up with.


Digital Sketches…

After getting a rough idea of what I want to do and hours of watching tutorials to know how to do it, I moved into Adobe Illustrator and started working from the outer frame of the watch, to the nob, the chain and the face design. Here’s my first draft.


Coming to completion…

After getting some critique from my peers, I made a few changes and create the final piece. Take a closer look at the details here:





By using subtle gradients and basic shape tools in Adobe Illustrator, I manage to add dimensions to my design and making it look realistic. Shadows are what define the shape of an object, then highlights add more demensions and realism to the shape. I barely use the Pen Tool to create this design, maybe three or four times. If you take a look at the outline view of my design, you will recognize a lot of basic shapes that make up this watch design.



Below are some of my references from rogerdubuis.com

Roger-Dubuis-Excalibur-Spider-Pocket-Time-Instrument-Watch-6 watch-big-roger-dubuis-RDDBEX0479