Fall Creek, Idaho – one of the many hidden beauties of Idaho.

Fall Creek is only about 30 minutes south east from Idaho Falls, Idaho. This area is also called  Swan Valley, Idaho. We drove from Rexburg very early in the morning to get some stunning sun rise shot of the place. There’s a place to set up your tripod on top of the fall but if you hike down just a little bit. You can get a sweet low angle of the fall. I use a 3-second shutter speed to get the smooth motion of the water stream. This technique has been used by many professional photographers to photographer waterfall.

Caryn Esplin, my photography instructor, has been to this area and she also got some stunning images of Fall Creek. You can check out her blog here!


When the sun was just peeping behind the mountains. The salmon light hit Fall Creek and create a beautiful scene

Usually, locals go to Fall Creek to fish, to canoe along the river but a lot of the time, people come here to just enjoy the sunrise. When the sunlight hits the fall, it’s just pure magical. If you’re in Eastern Idaho, definitely come and check this place out.

Fall Creek, Idaho is one of the many hidden beauties of Eastern Idaho. If you’re in to adventures and discoveries, Idaho is a place to be. Most of these beautiful locations are not super publicly advertised so it’s not easy to find them if you’re not locals. However, once you find these. You can enjoy the most out of these beautiful nature landscape.


Panorama Shot!


A different angle of Fall Creek!