This weekend, one of the rarest natural event happened in the Western Hemisphere. The Lunar Eclipse and the Super Moon happened at the same night.

Of course I’m not missing out on this so I’m heading out to take some photos. I went with my instructor Caryn Esplin and her daughter out in Rexburg. Here are some of my favorite photographs.

DouglasPhan-bloodmoon-lunar eclipse-super-moon-5069

The blood moon is definitely blood red. It’s the coolest thing ever. I took these images with a telephoto lens at 600mm to get the moon that big.

DouglasPhan-bloodmoon-lunar eclipse-super-moon-5240

This images below is a bit blurry but it’s definitely one of my favorite composite of the Moroni Statue and the Blood Moon at night! This was taken with my 18-135mm lens so the quality is not as good as I wanted it to be. The Moroni Status is on the Rexburg Temple.