Captain America + Vietnam = Captain Vietnam.

For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been learning about t-shirt designs in Adobe Illustrator and printing process. It’s challenging to come up with a cool idea for t-shirt design because people don’t want to wear a boring t-shirt.



Before I do anything for this project, I needed to brainstorm for cool ideas.I mainly want to make this t-shirt for myself but it would be cool if my design can fit a certain popular audience. I started with writing down everything that I like, what’s my passion, hobby or things that I’m interested in. After a while, I selected two of my favorite things, which were Captain America and Vietnam and try to combine them together in my head.


It’s then time to put my ideas down on paper. Here’s some of the sketches that I came up with.sketches-DouglasPhan-tshirt

In my sketches on paper. I wanted to get a clear visual of my idea. I want to decide which illustration style I want for my character.

Going digital.


Above is my first rough draft in Illustrator, or Captain Vietnam 1.0. I wasn’t satisfy with this because I feel a lack of dimension and personality in my self created character. I thought that if I add some more design elements on his outfit and some shadow would add dimension to my character. I also believe that if my little superhero looks like he’s about to go in a fight, it would add more personality to him. Below is the final design. What a big difference some little changes can make 🙂