My fine art print of the coyote is now hung in the foyer of the Spori Building, BYU-Idaho.

As a student in COMM 316, Professional Imaging, at Brigham Young University – Idado, I get to pick an fine art image that I took in the semester. After going through all the photos and received some critique from my classmates, I chose the one I took of the coyote.

Douglas Phan's image of the coyote hung in the Spori Building at Brigham Young University - Idaho

Coyote Fine Art Print

I edited this image in Adobe Lightroom. I cropped in the original image in because he was a bit smaller in my original frame. Here’s the original:

Douglas Phan's original image of the coyote right out of the camera

Original image

I ordered the image to print the image at White House Custom Color (WHCC). They did a really good job printing it on metallic paper. They shipped right to my door within two business day. It was so amazing. Here’s a photo of me with the print:

Me and my fine art print of the coyote in the spori building brigham young university idaho

Me and my fine art print of the coyote