Last week, I went with the Jones and enjoyed the family vacation at Lake Powell, Utah.

We arrived at Hall Crossings Dock, Lake Powell on Monday right about noon after 6 hours of driving from Salt Lake City, Utah.  There are 12 of us total: I, Bruce and Kathy Jones (the oldest generation of the family); Paul Jones (Bruce and Kathy Jones’s son), his wife, Liz Jones, and his son, Spencer Jones; Richard Jones (Bruce and Kathy Jones’s son), his wife, Camile Jones; and Susan Lusk (Bruce and Kathy Jones’s daughter), her husband, Gary Lusk, her son, Tyler Lusk, and her daughter, Hannah Lusk.

Image of Hall Crossing Dock at Lake Powell, Utah. Taken on the Jones Vacation by Douglas Phan using Bracketing HDR technique

Hall Crossings Dock, Lake Powell, Utah

Richard and Camile didn’t arrive at Hall Crossings until late at night. They drove from New Mexico to meet us up at our house boat.

The morning after, we went out on Richard’s boat to scout for a spot to park our houseboat on Lake Powell. The spot we found is perfect as we get the houseboat in the shade before 10am and after 4pm. This allowed us to cool off after enjoying the sun on the lake.

The houseboat parked at the perfect location on Lake Powell for shade

I used a ND filtered to capture to image above. The ND filter allows my camera to capture long exposure in broad daylight, giving the smooth water motion and allowing the beautiful reflection to go through.

Here are a few photos of the family.

the jones family portraits at Lake Powell, Utah when we're boating.

In the reflection in the mirror: (from left to right) Bruce and Kathy Jones, me, and Tyler.


Getting ready for some cliff jumping action.

the jones family portraits at Lake Powell, Utah when we're boating.

Spencer Jones sitting in the front of the boat.

One of my favorite family portrait of the Jones is at the beautiful Hidden Canyon Kayak place deep in the Escalante Arm of Lake Powell.

The Jones family portrait at Hidden Canyon Kayak at Escalante Arm Lake Powell, Utah. This is an HDR image showing the beautiful canyon.

I love how the image is not only a beautiful family portrait but it also shows the magnificent beauty of this Hidden Canyon Kayak at Lake Powell, Utah. The sun finds its way through the curves of the rock formation in the canyon to light up the hidden water channel. This is probably my favorite family group portrait I have ever taken.

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to be continue…