About the project

In the Visual Society, students learn and talk about all things visual. It’s a place for any students who¬† like photography, design, or anything digitally creative. There are tutorials that revolve around these visual communications for students to improve current skills or develop the new ones. There are also contests so that students. Here’s a link to the society’s website.

I’m honor to be the President of the Visual Society at BYU-Idaho this semester and as the president I’m assigned to create a poster for the society. Using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, I was able to came up with this design.


I took an image of the Grand Teton a few months ago and thought with a few adjustment and design elements, I could make the ordinary and boring image into an amazing poster. And when I said boring, I really meant boring. I mean… look at it (image below)


Original Image of the Teton that I used for the poster.


Pinterest, Pinterest, and Pinterest! I just can’t get enough of Pinterest. I was inspired to create this poster as I scrolled through Pinterest.

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