Last Thursday, on the family vacation with the Jones on Lake Powell, we went water skiing.

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After a whole day of fun on the water at Lake Powell, many of the family members were worn out. However, the  Jones’ father and son, Paul and Spencer, were still down for some water ski. So, we headed out again to water ski before the sun set.

Paul were the first to ski on the water. Most people know Paul as a Stake President in Salt Lake City. What most people don’t know is that Paul is also a seasoned water-skier. He’s as graceful as platypus on the skis despite being in his 50s 🙂 Here’s a photo that captured of Paul with a gorgeous sunset in the background.

douglas-phan-water-ski-sport-the-jones-family-lakepowell-vacation-utahHere are a few more images of Paul skiing gracefully on the water. Look at him go! #ageisjustanumber




Then there’s Spencer. Like father like son. They both water ski like experts.