In the beginning of September 2015, I made myself an assignment to take a self portrait every week.

It’s been five weeks since and here are my self portraits that I got every week. I did miss a week but I ended up taking 2 different self portraits in the same week.

Each of these take in average about 30 minutes prep time, 30 minutes shooting, and 1-2 hours of editing. Some takes longer than the others.

Week 1: Classic Studio Lighting – 4-point lighting

Douglas Phan-Self-Portrait-Week1-1

Classic Studio 4-point Lighting

This week I used the classic three-pointing lighting that people see most of the time in the studio. I had 1 key light in the front, 1 fill light in the front and 2 kicker lights in the back to separate myself from the background. I took this image with my ghetto studio that I set up out in the hall of my apartment


The ghetto setup

Week 2: Renaissance Me!

Douglas Phan-Self-Portrait-Week3-1

Renaissance Me!

This one was me playing around with the smudge tool in Adobe Photoshop. For the longest time I had no use for this tool so I went online and found some quick art work using this tool (it’s basically speedup videos of people making art). I decided to try it out for myself and that’s how it looks like. I’m not too proud of it but it was very funny to look at!

Week 3: Apple is my Friend

Douglas Phan-Self-Portrait-Week2-1

Apple is my Friend

I love Apple products. They are absolutely awesome and incredibly user-friendly. And this image said it all. I used a very big soft box to get the shadow as soft as possible. Behind me was just a white projector screen. Oh how I love ghetto studio setup…


Week 4: Crazy Colors

Douglas Phan-Self-Portrait-Week4-1

Crazy Colors

A friend of mine got a fog machine… and I had some color gel so… Yeah 🙂

I had 2 speedlights with color gels on the side and one speedlight in the back. I also had the fog machine going to add some atmosphere to the image.


Week 5: The 21 Faces of Douglas Phan


The 21 Faces of Douglas Phan

Just like what it’s said in the title, this image is a collage of 21 different expressions that I have. I just wanted to find out what I look like with different expressions. Some of these images are way too silly but taking these are just pure fun. You might notice that I used the same ghetto studio setup at the same spot that I took the first image. Haha.

Check out each image individually!

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I found that this project is extremely helpful in so many different ways so that I can learn and/or improve new things every week. I feel a lot more confident both in front and behind camera, which is what I was hoping for at the beginning of this project.