REXBURG, ID – This week I got another opportunity to put my photo retouching skills in practice with my mentor (Caryn Esplin) ‘s daughter, Zoe Esplin.

Zoe Esplin is the youngest daughter of my mentor, Caryn Esplin, and she is currently a senior at Madison High, Rexburg, ID. Caryn Esplin took Zoe on a trip with her to Las Vegas and took a few senior photos at Nelson Ghost Town.

Here’s the photo straight out of camera:


This is image as you can see is a great image straight out of camera with beautiful light on the subject but can be a little bit better.

In post production, using Adobe Photoshop, I managed to remove the distracting haze/lens flare from the image using frequency separation technique. Then, I lighten and add details to the eyes to draw more attention to Zoe’s gorgeous eyes. Next, I used Lindsay Adler‘s contouring technique  to contouring and help define Zoe’s face a little bit more (Lindsay Adler is a fashion/portrait photographer based in NYC). The contouring technique that Lindsay Adler taught me also helps add volume to Zoe’s hair. This technique did come in very handy in retouching and it didn’t take very long to apply it to the image.

Then, I use various tools and technique introduced by Lindsay Adler to take out a couple of blemishes and soften the sunburn mark on Zoe’s face.

Finally, to enhance the subject more, I added some Blue in the shadow using Levels in Photoshop.

And walaaaa, here’s the final result:


See the different right here with two before and after image side by side:


Slide the slider to really see the difference!